Myth #1 – Prostate Cancer is An Old Man’s Disease

Prostate Cancer only affects men of ages 60 and up. Or so we thought…
Lets talk facts. As with anything to deal with health, there are as many opinions as there are preconceived notions about treatments, correct types of testing, and the like. The same can be said about prostate cancer. Many say they know what they need to know, but do they really? Take, for example, the conclusion that many men and women have about prostate cancer – it only happens at old age and testing for it should only state in your late 50’s.
Although it is true that many cases occur in the 60’s range but that does not mean that the process doesn’t begin earlier! The earlier you begin the test, the greater the likelihood that you will save yourself.
Fox New mentioned that, according to the American Cancer Society, six in 10 cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in men ages 65 and [BUT] men as young as 40 are diagnosed with prostate cancer, as well. What’s more, screening all men between ages 45 and 49 for prostate cancer can predict almost half of all deaths several decades later”.
What does this mean for you? This means that not only do you make sure that all of the men in your family get regular, meaning yearly, checkups, but also that it is best start early.
Stay tuned for the next batch of prostate myths, exposed


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