Myth #5 : Natural Remedies can help

Let’s be honest – you could be the healthiest person in the world, with the healthiest diet, exercise regularly, and still be diagnosed with disease. This is not to say that leading a healthy life has no meaning, but can natural remedies really help?

Let’s start by defining natural remedies. A natural remedy is a product made for medicinal purposes in which the main working ingredient is of natural origin, such as a mineral, salt, animal part, herbs, or bacterial culture.

Some of the common natural remedies for prostate cancer as noted by Ms. Revelant are “selenium, alkaline water, high-dose vitamin C, and even a combination of maple syrup and baking soda have been cited as ways to prevent and treat prostate cancer” but that “experts agree there’s no evidence any of these can help”.

What experts can agree on is how leading a healthy life will help you overall. Your body will be stronger and more able to fight off the cancer than someone who has never truly looked after themselves in terms of diet and exercise.

It is important also to use all of the tools available for you, like the pharmacogenetic test. This is a test that will help you better prepare for the life ahead of you by revealing what your genes have to tell you. For example, if you find out that you are at a higher chance of prostate cancer than you intially thought because it runs in the family, you will test more often and increasing your chances of finding the cancer early, should it ever occur. With cancer, finding it early makes a big difference.

Stay tuned for the next batch of prostate myths, exposed.



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