About ProstateTest.org

This website is intended to help spread awareness and educate men, and their families, about the dangers of prostate cancer and the importance of early detection.

ProstateTest.org is where you can find news regarding the latest recommendations and advances in prostate cancer research, contributions and expert opinions from scientists and doctors, and resources to help men (and the people who care about them) find answers to their questions about prostate cancer, including discoveries in early detection techniques, when, how and why to get tested, and even help finding a doctor to go see in your area.

Prostate cancer is expected to be the 2nd most common cancer in 2017 with over 161,000 new diagnoses and more than 25,000 deaths. Early screening, detection and treatment can help save lives.

To get in touch with the authors, email info@prostatetest.org.

PS — While you’re here, please visit our page dedicated to prostate cancer research, where we list top-rated non-profits dedicated to discovering new techniques for early detection, treatment, and (maybe one day) a cure for prostate cancer. We use Charity Navigator to assess the non-profits we partner with, but we strongly suggest you do your own research before giving to any cause.